Bun preview issue 0 - digital download


Hopping off the page and into your hearts, it's BUN!

A brand new all-ages adventure from Mike Sambrook and Rosie Packwood.

Making your way in the world is tough, but it's especially tough when you're a giant rabbit. 

Make sure you don't miss this first chapter of this heartwarming story your whole family can enjoy together.

It's a tail as old as time!

" ...while this initial short is only 11-pages long, it still felt like probably the most involving set of pages I’ve read in an all-ages book for a while. It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s bittersweet from the beginning and that all combines to make Bun something special." - Comics Annonymous

"From the opening pages of Bun, you know you are in for something very different. Artist Rosie Packwood sets the tone for this fascinating new direction, with an utterly sublime series of opening pages that look like something out a kids story book thanks to an impeccable sense of design and sublime muted colouring." - Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

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Bun preview issue 0 - digital download